Put your localhost online with Burrow.io

I had a pain at work: develop code to take actions based on Stripe webhooks. Why was that a pain? Well, how could Stripe send a webhook to my I know some people will say that I can mock, stub, etc, but I like to see it working at least once, to make sure […]

ShareFrog v2 is online!

You know when you go to a networking event, or a conference, and you collect all those cards, or you Bump everyone but 2 weeks later you can’t remember when/where you met that person? What about when you are in a group and nobody have the same phone or contact-sharing app? There is gotta be […]

Sharing contacts with ShareFrog = no hassle

Imagine you are in a group of people, and you want to share contacts with each other. How would you do it? Your answer might be Bump, but  I’ve tried it many times, and it’s always a hassle – not everyone in the group has the app or want to install it, and even if […]