Youporter gets selected for the The Johns Hopkins Innovation Factory Summit

youporter.comUPDATE: During the LAX shooting (november 1st 2013), while CBS was trying to get information from people coming out of the airport (with no luck), Youporter was able to get real time information about the situation inside of the airport, direct from Twitter users.

I am pleased to announce that my startup Youporter was one of the 7 selected among 36 startups that subscribed for the contest!

Youporter combines the power of social media with geolocation data and live stream of content to help media organizations to break news faster and/or achieve better pulverization with low cost, reaching anywhere there is a person with a smartphone and internet connection.

Check out the video:

Before Youporter, a small tech blog from Brazil could not afford sending someone to cover events like Google I/O, for example. Now the same blog can hire a correspondent at, and be able to have much richer content on their website, by hiring a youporter that will send them live streams of video,audio or pictures of the event. And that same youporter can get another request from a german newsroom, giving him a specific question to ask, while the audio is recorded and sent to the newsroom.

We do that by providing a mobile app to youporters that links them to virtual newsrooms, giving anyone, wether in the blogsphere or in the mass media, the power to activate youporters on the ground.

Here is another example:

Imagine there is a shooting at the mall (or imagine any other breaking news event). A TV channel finds it using social media, or listening the police radio, or any other method they might have. They want to send a team there to do the coverage, but they are all busy or too far to get there in 5-10 minutes. With Youporter, the TV channel would be able to see on a map everyone that is close to that area with a smartphone (we call them youporters), and send them a request to go do a coverage from their phones, sending live video, photos or audio, while they being directly controlled by the TV channel’s newsroom. As a result, the TV channel will cover much more areas, at a much lower cost.


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