A coding journey

I keep having those crazy website and mobile apps ideas. The problem is that my coding skills were always close to zero. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve coded before, but it was a long time ago. All those years as sysadmin helped me master my bash-scripting-fu, but anything objected oriented always seemed very obscure to my mind. Since I moved to Canada, I’ve been working from home and decided to walk my way through the developer’s world.
I decided to learn Ruby after reading many articles about it, and also because it seems that its community is huge, which makes it easier to find help online in case I’m stuck on some error. The learning curve is impressive. I spent a week watching the Ruby Kickstart classes, then jumped on the book “Ruby on Rails Tutorial” – from Michael Hartl. I strongly recommend those links if you want to learn Ruby on Rails (RoR). One month after my first contact with the language, I started working on a idea with a friend. It’s called Spottaneous. Go check it out 🙂
Feels really good to have an idea and be able to actually prototype it. My advice is, if you have an idea but you can’t build it on your own, learn how to code and then build it. It’s a nice learning experience, and in the end, if your idea proves itself wrong, at least you will have a new (and profitable) skill.

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